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Nibble Feeder™ Bundle 5-Pack

Nibble Feeder™ Bundle 5-Pack Nibble Feed ®

Nibble Feeder™ Bundle 5-Pack

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Get More, Spend Less!

Introducing Nibble Feeder™ Bundle 5-Pack WITH 2 FREE FEEDERS for Only $19.99!

Say goodbye to messy feeding and say hello to feeding on the go

As parents ourselves, our lifestyle is pretty much on the go. Whether it be going to a family trip with your baby or just a walk by the park, feeding your baby the traditional spoon-feeding way always leaves a mess to clean up, especially so with the fussiest babies. A big mess and tired arms from moving the spoon from their food to their mouth is what it ends up in. Save time and energy for your baby, use our Nibble Feeder™️ Spoon Feeding Bottle and say goodbye to messy feeding!


💛 Feed your baby with one hand—  Nibble Feeder™️ lets you feed your baby semi-solid foods with a simple squeeze from the bottle and NO MESS.

💛 Great way to slowly transition into solids— Great for feeding baby cereal, purée (mash), rice paste, and other semi-solid foods.

💛 Protective cover for on-the-go feeding—  it's safe and easy!

💛 Stress-free cleaning—  easy to clean. Dishwasher safe or hand-wash in warm water. (Note: Do not microwave. Be sure to wash it thoroughly before the first use and after each use.)

💛 BPA free—   Made of FDA approved food-grade soft silicone (doesn't hurt your baby's gums).

Our Nibble Feeder™️ bottle is designed so you don’t have to carry around so many different things, just put the baby food in it and it’s ready to go and easy to clean. So easy to feed the baby with minimal mess. Perfect for on the go!


With a simple squeeze from the bottle, you can feed your baby a scoop of his food. No more stop-and-cry with every bite, you can hold his bottle and feed him, a lot better than the traditional way! (No more crying every time you take the spoon away from their mouth!)



The silicone material helps to soothe the pain of teething babies and our bottle makes it easier for babies to eat as they find it familiar. Perfect for transitioning into solids! 
Super easy to use, great for traveling. You don’t have to carry around so many different things, just put the baby food in it and it’s easy to feed and super clean.



Feed him/her easily, no matter where you are at the time, and without getting your baby and yourself covered in food as he is still learning.



Your baby's safety is our priority

Nibble Feed™ products are made with love and intention. Establishing positive feeding habits during infancy can have lifetime benefits. Every growing baby needs one of these! 

 Made from the highest food-grade silicone that is USA FDA approved and certified by World’s Leader in Testing, to be BPA Free, Latex Free, Lead-Free with no smell.


Available Online Only! We Ship Worldwide.



I am very satisfied!!! All is very good!!! Sincere reccommend!!! Seller is 10+ !!!

Darla (Mother of 4)

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Luz (Mother of 3)

Sooo comfortable bottle!!! Chic simple! For a walk to take with you, or on the road is convenient! I took it for my daughter, and a friend for my future son! Ordered as 2 green, but wrote to put blue and pink. The seller very carefully addressed the comment in the order and put what I asked! I strongly advise the seller and this product!

Patricia (Mother of 3)

Perfect! Exactly as described! Great stuff! Great seller! Loved!! 

Amy (Mother of 5)
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